With craze of Apps growing worldwide, it seems that web is migrating from Web 2.0 social media, web portals and dynamic websites to Web 3.0 mobile web applications. The entrant of Symbian OS devices in the market like iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia N8 and Windows Phone 7 is also popularizing these trends among the masses.

Now you can read your favorite magazines like Times and Fortune100 on your iPad by downloading its applications from Apple app store or stay tuned to your favorite videos on YouTube via YouTube app on your smart phone.

The best part about smart phones is that they are handy with Wi-Fi and can be carried anywhere while on the move. They are personal and could be easily carried around in your pocket. It also provides you a whole new platform to experience web services on handy smart devices in an entire new way with whole new looks, features and functions.

Number speaks for itself showing that mobile apps have grown tremendously and has become the fastest growing communication platform in human history overtaken by pc windows, television and radio which took years to become popular among the masses.

These Web Applications have also overtaken the old world of web pages, texting, ringtones, wallpapers, MMS, Mobile TV & Voice services and it is estimated that there would be more than 50,000 apps by the end of this year on different apps store platforms including Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Java ME, BREW, Symbian and Windows Phone 7 devices.

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