After months of buzz about HTML 5 and its potential of being the web language of the future, the web new buzz has now shifted to Google TV which is all set to launch in the United States this fall. The search engine giant is now coming into our living rooms to enrich our entertainment and net surfing experience.

Google TV service would be available through a built-in TV device or through a set-top box for older TV-sets which will allow users to access the Internet on TV along with regular broadcast and cable programming. Google TV would also have the ability to organize shows on the web and onto our cable channels and DVR.

The best part about Google TV would be its ‘SEARCH’ that would not just search the internet but also local listings and DVR recordings to help you locate exact movie, actor, sporting event or show. With it there will also be a Video conferencing facility that would allow you to have a video chat with friends and family members through a built in camera or any other accessory.

Google TV will also enrich your TV viewing experience by automatically recording TV shows and customizing your program guides. With the built-in Chrome browser, you’ll also have access to Netflix and possibly Hulu.

With Google TV, TV viewers will finally have an opportunity to surf the internet from their TV sets as its slogan says “TV meets Web. Web meets TV”. No monthly fee has been discussed for Google TV and prices for set top boxes haven’t been decided yet But Google TV will definitely change the way we watch TV and market products.

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