In the month of February we celebrate love and affection towards our loved ones. So, it’s the same point of time for this year, it’s the time to celebrate your relationships with the people you value in your life.

As a business analyst, marketer and communication specialist I can’t help thinking about the relationship businesses maintain with their customers. You know, as a business owner your work is an essential part of your life and your pleasures and regrets (of course after your family) are mostly associated with the business achievements and failures. So this year, in this month of devotion, try to acknowledge and review your relationship with your customers. Here we are not talking about any specific date or time; we just want to emphasize the importance of customer relationship in building up your business.

Now the time has changed. Digital and social media marketing have personified businesses, now your customer looks at you as more than a firm. You are an entity that can talk to them, frequently pass on the messages and respond to their queries promptly through social and other online mediums. Your customers have many choices now; they will opt for the firm, product or service that has more human element to it – ‘Relate’ is the key term and the term relationship has evolved from it. The more your customers can relate to your personality online, the more they get committed to your business!
In your personal life you never leave people who matter to you. Similarly in your professional life, you should not take those people for granted who are important to grow your business and i.e. your CUSTOMERS.

If you still haven’t thought about mending your relationship with your customers then it’s about time to think about it. This is especially important for contractors. Discover Roofers Success International if you are a contractor looking to rebuild your relationship with customers and boost your profits. Today, you can read their behaviors and make your place in their minds easier than ever before. There are millions of potential customers out there using online mediums and you have a great chance to win their hearts. It’s time to make a change. If not now, when?

By: Unosha Shahid
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