Microsoft Corporation has recently unveiled its new Windows Phone 7 which it claims rivals Apple iPhone, Google Android and Blackberry smart phones. The best part about Window Phone 7 is that its not a phone but software which can easily integrate into other smart phones by other mobile companies such as Dell, HTC, LG and Samsung.

The launch of Windows Phone 7 by Microsoft will also play an effective role in ending oligopoly of iPhone, Android and Blackberry because it can easily integrate into other phones giving chance to firms like LG and Motorola compete with the new players in this industry.

Windows Phone 7 has several features which can make it compete with other smart phone players. It has an integrated Mobile Office — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook —these are all naturally integrated like no other office suite in any other mobile operating system.

Another best part about Windows Phone 7 is its ‘live tiles’ looks which gives spooky cool impression and make painting behind the scenery-chewing Al Pacino comes to life. If you set tiles unanimated then you get a large numeric indication of unread new items.

Windows Phone 7 has everything that Apple’s iPhone OS was in 2007 so in this way Microsoft is three years late but it has everything that other smart phones offer so reviewers are likely to take Microsoft pessimistically leading to negative comparisons about iPhone and Android.

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