Picking a domain name for your new website is a very complex task; people are very particular when it comes to choosing a domain name, they will spend day’s thinking random words related to their website niche in order to come up with a unique and a catchy domain name.

Many prefer dot com domains over other extensions like dot net, org, biz or info. But there are good reasons to consider other domains besides the dot com one. For instance, you may not get the name you want for your website in the dot com domain but it is more likely that you get that name in other domains.

Another major reason is that most people don’t surf the web by typing in memorized domain names, they use search engines to find websites and they don’t really pay attention to the extension of the domain names.

The Dot org domain was originally for non-profit websites which is now also available for other websites and it gives off a more social, more community oriented connotation. Dot biz gives a professional sound to a domain name and Dot info gives the impression that the user will find a lot of information on the website.

The end of the line here is that there is good reason to consider other domain extensions, with the majority of web surfers using search engines to find the websites, coupled with the fact that dot org, info, biz domain extensions are more widely recognized and accepted.

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