We love our mobile phones but many owners are still navigating websites that take too long to load or do not fit on screens. We hate the long scroll bars and links that do not work.

Mobile phone users deserve better built websites that deliver information fast!

This reminds me of what a friend said years ago. You see, Ken was starting his own business. He had overcome tremendous physical and emotional hardships but was always smiling and ready to help others

“Do you know about the Platinum Rule?” he asked me one day. I had to admit I did´t.
“You know about life’s Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Well, the Platinum Rule works on a business level – Treat Others the Way They Want to be Treated.”

“That makes sense,” I told him. “People forget that all too often in business.” he said. “Give customers what they want or at least try to give them what they need.”

That was years ago. Yet, I still see websites that just don’t cut it in today’s working world. There are some web designers who fail to listen to the very people they are trying to reach. I can’t believe we still see pop-ups (both audio and video). As users, we won’t stand for this and we

leave these sites. That “back” button is too convenient.

At SolsNet, we know what your clients want: clear and fast-loading sites that provide optimum click-through rates on all devices. We will fix the coding on your existing site and help provide efficient access to the information your clients value.

Your business deserves to be seen. Give your clients a mobile-friendly website designed by our SolsNet team of professionals. Call us and we can start improving your site right now. We promise you, no background audio!

Written by: Joseph Poirier

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