While some business representatives would have you believe that the role of a weblog is a necessary evil, the industry insists the blog is part of the driving force behind company profits.

Marketers realize there are dollars to be made on the internet but also that content is king. Content builds trust. Once you provide entertainment or information on your site, people are more willing to buy from you. Content sells service and paves the way for up-to-date marketing opportunities. Providing potential clients with informative articles, added-value products and free trials are the basis for a long-term relationship that builds branding.

Today’s successful websites use blogs to improve organic search results and boost ranks among search engines. Combined with new content and links, blogs offer the biggest bang for your investment dollar because they require the least amount of effort. When site builders have to address onerous issues such as: meta tag development, online public relations, competitive research, social media, XML maintenance, and even title tag optimization, content proves to be a wise investment.

The number of blog posts can vary but most companies will post every week while others as many as three per week. Blogging alone will not give you the exposure your site needs to be successful, but it will enhance your inbound marketing strategies when combined with the correct blend of search engine optimization, social media and even your offsite links. SolsNet can help you identify the optimum blog situation for you.

Written by:

Joseph Poirier

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