The past decade has brought many changes to the virtual world of web. And of those changes web 2.0 has evolved as a phenomenon which has brought multifarious changes on the face of web and paved a new path on how the future web portals would look like.

Before the advent of Web 2.0 World Wide Web primarily was limited to at the behest of a webmaster with information being shared as per the wishes and desires of the webmasters. Web 1.0 was more of an information sharing medium where a user logged on a website saw the details and logged off. There was no connection of any sort between the website webmaster and the end user who was utilizing the resources of the website.

This lacked the symbioses and therefore a webmaster didn’t get to know what the end user thinks about him and vice versa. A guest book utility was introduced later where the surfer could ink down his requests or share his thoughtful suggestions about the website.

Blogging boom and the You Tube age kick started the web 2.0 era where a user had the privilege of being heard by the webmasters and millions of other surfers. Blogging and Social Networking took the place of personal websites; RSS Feeds and Twitter were introduced to keep the viewers updated with latest happenings.

Wikipedia is one good example of an online encyclopedia which has left its contemporaries Britannica and Encarta behind because former is kept updated every day by millions of users across the globe, whereas, for the latter it takes time for an especially dedicated writer to upgrade the content.

Web 2.0 is the best rolling thing in the web market. Introduce a web 2.0 change in your website too!

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