Besides a lush looking design, all small business websites need to have some must-have features. These must-haves will help connect to your prospects better and help you gain some trust and recognition from the market. While you work the diversified target market it is important to pay attention to how you seem when compared to competition. So, put yourself in a visitor’s spot and figure out whether you seem trustworthy enough to get some business online?

Firstly, put in your contact details on your website. It is amazing how a lot of people forget to add their contact details to their website. Add your address, phone number and email address. If you have a Skype or an IM id add that too. This will help prospects locate you better. Keep contact info readable and the contact page visible on home page.

On the “Contact Us” page also include a Google Map. This will help prospects learn more about your neighborhood and if they want to come down and meet with you they will know how to get there easily. If you are located in the prospects neighborhood, they will probably buy from you rather than going elsewhere.

Another must-have is a contact us form, where a prospect can leave information to follow up on. Most people feel a hassle calling up but will go ahead and leave some request at your contact us form. So, let your visitors express themselves when there is no one around to talk to.

When you want to seem reliable, adding a picture of yourself and your staff is always helpful. People like meeting real people on websites and this helps gain better trust. This will help kick-start a relationship with your prospects and give you a better face around faceless websites.

Lastly, including a Newsletter will help keep in touch with your visitors better. So, add a Newsletter sign up form on the home page, and keep users updated with the latest events/products and service enhancements.

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