Case Study: Westoak Dental Care

Westoak Dental Centre-homepage

Client Details:
Westoak Dental is a dental care center specializing in emergency, family, and cosmetic dentistry, with multiple locations possibly in Oakville, ON

Background Information:
Westoak Dental is a well-known dental care facility in Oakville, Ontario. They offer a variety of dental services, such as emergency care, family dentistry, cosmetic operations, and restorative dentistry.

Specific Challenges or Goals:

  • Their digital presence was inadequate, with an old website and limited social media presence.
  • Issues with content production, marketing strategy, and audience reach were present.
  • They wanted to establish themselves as a top-tier dental care provider in the city.

Scope of Work:
Solsnet provides a comprehensive range of services to address these challenges.

  • Revamped the website to enhance its online visibility.
  • Implemented strategic marketing tactics for SEO optimization.
  • Crafted targeted advertising campaigns on Google and social media platforms.
  • Generated content for their social media accounts.
  • Created diverse marketing campaigns to boost their social media presence, and for improved client engagement.
  • Transformed their website with an efficient online appointment system, replacing old PDF forms and simplifying patient paperwork.

Implementation Details:
SOLSNET executed a comprehensive digital marketing campaign, focusing on SEO improvements for increased online visibility, and engaging social media content to connect with the audience. We got impressive results from Google and social media advertising campaigns. With the new online appointment booking form both patients and the clinic easily receive printable PDFs, simplifying the paperwork process involved. With effective communication, we were able to give their website a smooth transformation.

Client Testimonials:
“Working with SOLSNET completely transformed our dental clinic. They took our clinic to new heights with their skill and expertise. Thank you team SOLSNET.”

The partnership between Westoak Dental Center and Solsnet shows the value of smart digital marketing. Solsnet modified the clinic’s digital presence with an extensive strategy that included website redesign, SEO strategies, targeted advertising, and engaging content development. This makeover not only increased online presence but also increased client involvement via various marketing activities. The exceptional outcomes attained are proof of Solsnet’s ability to completely transform the digital of businesses.

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