Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks (Holiday Edition)

The holiday season has arrived! It means gifts, shopping, and blissful celebrations, but for businesses, it usually means “time to step up and launch holiday marketing campaigns.” There are many things to do, from sending emails and content marketing to digital marketing. Managing it all can be overwhelming with limited time. Here are some tips that you can use to increase your sales this season.

1. Focus on Targeted Campaigns:

Increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns by establishing a connection with your target audience. Keeping the product in mind, reach out to the types of clients who have in the past responded to your emails, landing pages, or paid advertisements. Wise to connect with people whose prior online activities indicate a desire for similar product categories. A winning strategy is to tailor the promotions you send to your customers based on their previous order history. E.g. A suit purchased by a customer? Send a follow-up email with a belt and matching shoes.

2. Multichannel Marketing:

Today, marketing is easier than it has ever been before. Using technology, create a digital marketing plan including email, social media, SMS, and more. By using cross-channel marketing, you increase the audience seeing your advertisements and promotions. Later examine the performance analytics of your content across channels to learn which strategies work best and what needs to be improved.

3. Web-room Your Product:

The digital world has the web rooming. It means presenting your products online rather than in person. Enabling customers to examine the product from every angle leads to their satisfaction regarding the product. It’s a highly effective holiday marketing technique, especially for expensive purchases.

4. Positive Reviews:

People trust online recommendations, even if they come from strangers. Upload your favorable reviews and testimonials into your holiday marketing campaigns. You can also include these on landing pages, social media posts, etc.

5. Mobile Marketing Strategy:

More than 61% of all web traffic to retail websites came from mobile devices. It would help if you instead concentrated on developing a mobile marketing strategy because most customers prefer mobile devices. In addition, optimizing mobile applications can boost sales conversions and provide excellent customer service. For instance, Wal-Mart modified its mobile SEO strategy and gave app downloaders a sneak peek at upcoming deals.

6. Increasing Site Performance:

Poor site performance kills conversions, and this is specifically true around the holidays. Customers are prepared for quick research and even faster decisions about what to buy. Slow site loading doesn’t play in your favor in such situations, especially when there are so many other options available they won’t wait around for your site to load.

7. Engaging Gift Guide to Help Customers:

A gift guide is always a good idea. While traditional gift categories like “For Her” and “For a Colleague” are satisfactory. Grouping products by interest and identity can make your guide even more useful. For example, if people can quickly find a gift for their favorite “foodie” or “dog-lover,” they will be impressed. Remember that helping your customers this way also narrows the distance between the guide and the shopping basket.

8. Announce Special Offers:

Bundling might be the best action if you have items that can be sold together or extra stock from earlier in the year that you want to sell. For example, offer a “Free Holiday Gift with Purchase of $50” bundle. Overall, these bundles can increase average order value while also adding value!

9. Utilize Hash Tags:

Almost 81% of people have a social media profile. Use this opportunity to connect with potential clients and influence current ones. On social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, use hashtags. Use hashtags to promote your brand and its deals. Customers can use that hashtag when posting a photo or status about your product or service. It is a method of promoting user-generated content. Using the appropriate and simple hashtags, you can also connect with new customers looking for the ideal gift this holiday season. For best results, pay close attention to shopping and fashion trends and use hashtags on your social media accounts to increase the buzz surrounding your company.

10. Offer Gift Wrapping:

Gift-Wrapping is challenging and time-consuming in the holiday season. So offering to do this for your customers is unquestionably appreciated. Aside from improving the company’s reputation, this might raise people’s social media awareness. These days, people share their unboxings on Facebook and Instagram, which might increase the value of your clientele.

11. Easy Check-Out:

Your objective should be to eliminate as many barriers as possible between the customer finding what they need and completing their purchase. Make only the bare minimum of inquiries, and divide the check-out procedure into no more than three steps: Add to cart – Enter payment information and shipping address – Verify and complete the order. Please keep it simple during this season of fast-paced shopping. You can cross-sell and upsell after the initial transaction.

12. Be Precise with Shipping Dates:

Be proactive about shipping and ensure your customers can easily access an online list of your shipping deadlines. Also, ensure your website prominently displays the dates customers must place orders to get = delivery by a particular date. You can avoid the holiday hassle of disgruntled gift-givers by posting these deadlines in advance.

13. Gratitude to Your Clients:

Customers spend a significant amount of time considering what and where they want to spend their money on gifts. Keep your business at the top of customers’ minds by showing gratitude. Reinforcing gratitude is a fantastic holiday marketing tactic for retaining customers who are solely and firmly committed to your brand. Customers should know how valuable they are to your business. While there are many ways to express gratitude to clients, sending an email or physical card is a quick and easy way to persuade clients to do their vacation shopping with you.


The holiday season is a fantastic opportunity to boost year-end sales and brand recognition. In addition, the holidays are a great time to connect emotionally with your target audience. Providing your customers with a highly customized experience will position your brand for maximum success. You can achieve this by making your campaigns easy to share and offering fantastic deals across your social media channels. We hope our list has helped you find a terrific holiday campaign idea. It’s time to start taking your planning seriously now!

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