Candid Corner with Eddie Lee | CEO, Founder of One Hub

There’s an aura of positivity that surrounds some people and Eddie Lee is one of them. We requested him to give us a few minutes of his valuable time and he openhandedly accepted it.

Just after minutes of being in his presence, it was apparent that he is oozing with positive vibes. While he is extremely talented, well-spoken, well-traveled, and has a knack for making unique solutions for businesses, Lee is also down to earth, friendly, and possesses a great sense of humor. We sat down with him as he talks about the profession, family, inspirations, and life in general.

We started off by asking a little about Lee, to which he replied with; ‘I am a trustable, passionate and professional individual’. After this warm-up question we asked ‘What made him chose the one that he is doing now’, and his answer was; ‘I believe business relationships are built on trust. This is the foundation of everything and this very thing made me choose what I’m doing right now’.

After this more professional question we then asked how he likes to spend his day, and he had this answer; ‘we need to spend the 24 hours wisely and meaningful – wisely productive, meaningful in life’. Quite impressive! Our next question was, ‘What he likes to do in his leisure time’, he replied back by saying ‘I like to go jogging and do outdoor exercise’.

We then asked him to tell us about the best part of his work, and he told us, ‘providing solutions and solving clients’ problems’. We found it the right time to ask about what’s his own definition of happiness, to which he said, ‘having a wonderful family’. We also believe that family is the center of life and the key to real happiness!

We further questioned him about who is his inspiration/role model, and he briefly replied, ‘my dad who raised me when he’s in a difficult time’. Our next question was about his favorite holiday spot and he smilingly replied, ‘Italy. My third home where I used to work for more than ten years. Also, Hong Kong is my 2nd home and I love to go there as well, but not for holiday though’. We then proceeded with asking what lessons has his work-life taught him, to which he said, ‘to stay competitive and be a lifetime learner’.

To wrap it up we asked Lee how COVID-19 impacted his business and how did he cope with it and he told, ‘we are grateful that the business is not impacting too much as compared to the others. In fact, OneHub is taking the opportunity for an additional 3000 sq. ft. center expansion.’ After this amazing session, we thanked Lee for taking time out to sit down with us. We hope that you enjoyed reading about yet another inspiring personality. Hope you’d enjoy our next sitting too, until then, CIAO!

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