Candid Corner with Gerson Vijayan

What it takes to be a remarkable business owner? To Practice what you preach, leading from the front, knowing how to manage the time, focusing on personal life despite managing hectic schedules are the essential qualities need to be a happier and more successful entrepreneur. This is what I learned from my most recent interview.

For this edition of Candid Corner, I set up an appointment to meet and interview Mr. Gerson Vijayan, the owner of Paramount Documents Solutions Inc. (, one of the leading document & data capture solutions companies based in Ontario.

He looked a bit tired when I met him; he told me that he just had a treadmill workout few minutes before I reached. I found him a very frank and extrovert person, who loves having a cup of mocha while saying hello to his mornings. Commencing the interview with greetings, I asked him to have a brief word about his enterprise. He said “Paramount Document Solutions liberates organizations from the costs and hassles of managing documents. We secure documents, reduce any risks, simplify paper based manual processes and make an organization more efficient.”

“The results are drastic reduction in costs, huge money savings, improved efficiency, productivity, user satisfaction and positive contribution towards the environment,” he added. “We’re authorized and certified partners of Kodak products, Fujitsu & File Bound Document Management solutions,” he said.

His reply definitely developed my interest about knowing his business industry even more. Being associated with multi-national corporate giants, Kodak and Japanese firm Fujitsu is really an outstanding privilege. Then in the next question, I asked if he would like to share his company’s accomplishments. He mentioned few of the Paramount Docs Solutions’ successful installations, such as:

    • Proof of Delivery, POD Solution (Courier & Transport Companies)
    • Invoice processing Solution (Produce Industry)
    • Provincial Offences Act Ticket Processing Solution, (City Offices)
    • Photo & Memorial tributes Processing Solution (Funeral Homes & Retail Stores)
    • Patient Records Processing Solution (Doctor Offices)

Later on, I asked him about his experience in this business and how did he devise setting up Paramount Docs, he replied, “We will complete 5 years. I am in this Document & Data Capture industry for the past 12 years.”

Moreover, I asked him about modern technology’s impact on young generation, he seemed quite assertive regarding it, he said “Definitely, Yes! Technology is significantly playing its role in empowering the youth.” Keeping in mind the recent social media boom, I inquired about his presence in any of social media websites.” I use Facebook and Twitter, the experience is good,” he said.
While sticking with the topic of technology, I tried to find out his opinion on how the world with internet is different from the world without internet? He smiled and praised that it was a very interesting question and said, “With the internet reaching out to people and customers is faster, easier and more competitive.”

About his personal routine, he replied my question about his leisure time activities by saying, “Well, I’m an ardent devotee of my community known as Rotary Club Flower City Centennial, I spend a lot of time for the cause.” His response was incredible yet inspiring. Talking about inspiration, I asked him what inspires him most, a piece of writing or the writer. He responded by saying both of them.

Preceding the questions about his personal life, the next question I asked was about his most memorable moment of life. He replied that the day he completed his graduation was his best day ever. Being a little philosophical, I asked him how he defines happiness. “It’s a perfect balance between family, time, work, income and charity.” Gerson said.

In my last question before rounding off the interview, I asked him to share some info about the charity he is affiliated with. He said,”I am the secretary of the Rotary Club of Brampton Flower City Centennial, an organization working within the Brampton community, with Canadian & international projects too. On the Rotary International front, Rotary’s 1.2 million members believe it starts with a commitment to Service above Self.”

“In more than 34,000 clubs worldwide, you’ll find members volunteering in communities at home and abroad to support education and job training, provide clean water, combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, and eradicate polio,” he added.

It was certainly a decent conversation with Mr. Vijayan. I concluded the interview by wishing him, his organization and his philanthropic community success and prosperity on behalf of the whole Solsnet team.

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