Candid Corner with Jeffrey Fung

Judicial matchmaking we’d say… matchmaking two individuals is an art in itself….. and that’s what Jeffrey Fung – President & CEO does best.

At some point of life, every one of us needs at least some sort of judicial assistance but the idea of finding the right lawyer often seems daunting. Jeffrey Fung- who himself is a lawyer in Toronto, connects people and architect’s relationships. Check out what he has to share with us in Candid Corner.

Jeffrey Fung happens to be a perfect amalgamation of both pleasing personality and brains. We gave him a brief about our Candid Corner and requested for an interview couple of days back. He gave us a slot right away. And as a result of our amazing meet up with him, this session of candid corner is shaped for your reading pleasure. Hope you will enjoy the open hearted chinwag that transpired between Jeffrey and us. Should you really felt the urge to put somebody on the spot, ask them: “Define yourself in 3 words”, and it’ll take them a while scratching their head, but the way Jeffrey replied to this was pretty prompt. He defined himself as ‘Man of action’ and that’s what we witnessed during our conversation with him. He was handling various tasks even while talking to us… Impressive! He shared the reason behind starting ‘I chose to start, a service that connects people and businesses with lawyers, because it was the legal industry.

Having practiced as a lawyer, I was familiar with the industry.’ ‘My time working on normally involves developing ways to promote the business, writing content, answering users’ questions and discussing improvements with my programmer.’ he added. Talking about his leisure activities he told us that he likes to stay active by playing volleyball and practicing yoga. Him and his wife also like to unwind by watching their favorite TV shows or spending time with friends. We also questioned him about the best part of his work. He smilingly replied ‘It feels great to be able to help people connect with lawyers in their time of need. Being faced with a legal issue can be stressful and approaching lawyers can be intimidating. With, people and businesses can specify their legal issue and budget and have lawyers to respond as to how they can help.’ Then we asked him how SolsNet has helped him in his business. He said ‘I would be really happy to answer this question. SolsNet has been very helpful in improving MyLawBid’s search ranking for a number of keywords with their SEO strategies.’

To steer the conversation towards a lighter note, we asked how he saw happiness. He took a brief pause and answered ‘Happiness is that feeling where things seem like they can’t get better than they already are.’ Jeffrey moreover told us about his inspiration, his mother. ‘My mother- She has faced challenges all of her life ranging from extreme poverty to lacking a formal education. She has nonetheless approached each obstacle with a can-do attitude, seeing solutions where others don’t.’ he said. The way he spoke to us was so engaging that we kept on asking different questions to him. We got to know about his favorite holiday spots as well, which are Buenos Aires and Iguacu – two magical places in Argentina. He also told us ‘I thought I wanted to be a doctor when I was growing up until I realized that I disliked the sight of blood!’ and we thought, good that he realized the fact, otherwise we would have lost a judicial connection hub. To wrap the conversation up with an ending question about lessons his work life taught him, he answers ‘The extra money that a job pays may not be worth the burden it takes on your personal life and well-being.’

It was a marvelous experience to talk to Jeffrey Fung. We noticed that he has all the leadership qualities and the thing that made our conversation smooth, was his smile.


Keep it up Jeffrey!


Written by: Unosha Shahid

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