Candid Corner with Rana Fawad

Whenever SolsNet expects some business guests, we immediately contact Pearson Airport  Limousine to give our guests a warm welcome right from the moment they arrive. Pearson Airport  Limousine is the other name for reliability and trust and the man behind their amazing services is Rana Fawad.  Find here what he  has to say  in our Candid Corner…

It was not so difficult to take an appointment to talk to Rana Fawad- Thanks to his ever friendly and easy going temperament. We started our interview by asking how he defines himself. People normally have a heap of things to say when they’re asked to define their selves but Rana Fawad was spot on, he spilled out only three words ‘passion, consistency & honesty’ , and yes we acknowledge it, that’s what he is made of! About choosing the right career path he shared his viewpoint ‘you should do a thing that you are good at doing and that’s what I did’. He also shared that despite of being a business owner and a busy person he likes to spend time with the family.

Happiness means a lot in every person’s life and everyone has their own definition of happiness and to Rana Fawad happiness is when he feels happy internally… his kids usually make him happy =). On the question about his inspiration, he replied with respect ‘When I was in Virginia, USA, I have worked with Javed, owner of His passion and trust in me internally motivated and guided me’.

Talking about technology and the ease it has brought in our lives, he told us that his BlackBerry & Android device helped him run the business most efficiently. In the end of our session Rana Fawad gave advice to the entrepreneurs in these words ‘Honesty is the best policy. In operating a business, it is very easy to deceive or take advantage of a client or an employee, my advice is to keep things straight and pure’.

Our Candid Corner has played a vital role to find some real gems and Rana Fawad is indeed one of them. We hope to meet him soon in our next networking event.

By: Team SolsNet

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