Candid Corner with Sarah Barnes and Hanna Gorecka

Finding a house within budget is never easy but I am really fortunate to find a one! All credit goes to the website ‘’, that I found online while browsing. Coast2Coast is Real Estate Company run by two ladies, I met them both couple of times to take guidance about property & they showed me real good options. You know what? I get a house of my dreams within my budget. You must be thinking what sense does it make here in candid corner? I tell you, it does! I found an amazing substance in both of them while talking randomly about different things and fetched some interesting information to share with you all in our Candid Corner. If you need to find a company that can help you sell your home before you move into your new one, you may want to check out Reali online to see how they can help.

First let me introduce you with both brilliant ladies, Sarah Barnes and Hanna Gorecka. They both are true example of beauty with brains! I am sure you will enjoy reading my heart to heart conversation with them.

I always felt strong vibes of positivity around me whenever I met them and that’s why I settled down quickly for this candid talk. In the beginning they told me that they know each other for about one year, this information was really astounding because the kind of chemistry they had needs ages to take place. No doubt they have taken a wise decision to do business in partnership. But I wanted to ask how actually the idea came in their minds to start and run a company together & I asked the same to them. Hanna immediately relied “We have met during Real Estate Investing courses and quickly after decided to join in partnership and started Coast2Coast Properties Company with emphasis on Rent to own program.” Sarah added on “We wanted the same things so started business together.” I got to know they both have past working experience in totally different industries and have taken 180 degree shift in their careers. It is must to say what guts they have!

When I asked them about having IDs on social media sites, they instantly replied ‘Yes’ and shared their view points for having these accounts. Hanna said “It keeps me connected to my friends and family.” Whilst Sarah shared “It helps me to reach multiple people to provide information about business and industry articles.” During conversation they told that they enjoy each other’s company and have a great time in between meetings. We had talked about multiple topics but one which I want to share with you is trust. “Trust means the world, very important in personal and business to grow and help each other,” Sarah said, and Hanna defined “Trust is belief in your business partner, reliability, truth, knowing that your business partner is acting in the best interest of all parties involved.” I smiled and thought they both have got real essence of good human beings.

In between discussion they shared about their leisure activities, Sarah likes to read, watch movies and travel, whereas Hanna loves Photography, Yoga, Reading, Travel and spending time with Friends. As travelling and reading were the common interests so we further talked about their favorite books and plenty of beautiful places in the world for a long time. I was really curious to know that is there anything these ladies want from their lives, and in the end of our Candid session I finally asked. “I want lots of free time. To retire as soon as possible, to have daily balance, personal fulfillment and to give back to the community.” Hanna answered. Sarah said “I want financial freedom, continuous education and networking plus unlimited travel and experiences.” I witnessed the shine in the eyes of Sarah and Hanna to conquer the world, with goodbye, I wished both of them good luck and lots of success.

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