Candid Corner with Kenneth D’Souza

Two weeks back, at a very well organized networking event I met Kenneth D’Souza- The Founder/ CEO of Cristallo Media. It was basically a Fashion Show and an after party. The event was attended by a couple of international celebrities, media channels & hi-profiled business executives. Kenneth surely worked hard in managing the whole event which was quite reflective . There was something very fascinating about his personality which atleast i couldn’t resist and i couldn’t stop myself to set an appointment with Kenneth right there to meet him again for discovering some Candid Corners of his personality.

I was already impressed by the management skills of  Kenneth, and when i met him again the way he started the conversation and answered my questions revealed the inborn talent of this young and charming personality. Kenneth discussed some of his personal and professional aspects of life during the discussion.

The interview started off with his childhood memories, my first question was very basic and random that if he had any vision for his life at that time. He pleasantly opened up the door of his childhood and answered “I believe I always had vision, just not as clear at that time. As a child you tend to absorb a lot of information at a very rapid pace, so having to specifically know what I wanted to achieve in life at that time was not really a concern, not as much as going out to play with friends.” On a question about the most interesting thing he has ever done, he told me “I have done a whole lot of interesting things, so I don’t really have a most interesting one. But off the top of my head, it would probably be the time, I went exploring & fishing at 3am in the winter in a Forest in Canada, and I didnt read a sign saying ‘Warning: Coyotes’.” For a quite long time i enjoyed listening about his adventures and admired the way he likes to spend his life. I also got to know that he loves watching movie, listening to music and exploring new things.

After a quick coffee break I continued asking him questions like tv show host. And he, with a big smile on his face continued to answer. I can’t stop myself without saying he’s a gem of a person. I asked about his interest in having extraordinary powers “I would like to have ability to be invisible, because just the thought of having no one able to see you standing in front of them, fascinates me,” he answered. We also inquired what his work is for him and he smilingly replied “Pure Passion. Money is secondary, I admit, I love money, but not enough to make it a priority in my life.” Just randomly and out of curiosity to know him more i asked him about his reaction when he  is angry “Silence is golden. I avoid saying things when I am angry, because that’s not me talking, it’s my anger,” he said.  He also shared his eating habits saying “I love food too much to really ever care about calorie count.” He also defined his self in one sentence that is “Success and nothing less.” While talking about success I asked his opinion about the ingredients of successful life “Family, Love and Being Loved, and doing what you really want to do. Money is always a nice little perk which I consider to be a part of success,” Kenneth added with a chuckle.

A couple of more questions helped me alot to unfold different aspects of his personalty. I can surely says that  he is one of those people who always strive to get more and more from life, as he said “I have a long way to go to achieve what I perceive to be ‘life at its fullest’, and I have no intention of slowing down.”
Solsnet surely would like to wish him best of luck for his future endeavours as he is working on alot of new events and festivals.

Unosha Naved

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