Candid Corner with Sunjit Khamba | Founder of Elemedia

Meet Sunjit Khamba, founder of Elemedia, the smartly clad lad who defines himself as creative, disruptor, activist. Without further ado, we’ll take you straight into our conversation with him that we had a few days back.

We started our conversation by asking him, “What made you choose the job that you are doing now?” He replies, “My work with Jelly Social allows me to bring diverse communities together so that we can all help each other thrive as equals and for the very reason I chose to do this.
When we asked him about how he spends his normal day, he answers, “I spend most of my days on Zoom calls, responding to emails, and coordinating events.” 

When we inquired him about what he normally does when he’s not doing something that he does regularly, that he briefly replied, “I meditate.” We next asked him about the best part of his work, and he answers, “The social impact of the work we do. I can see communities coming together as a direct result of our services.”

We then moved on by asking him what’s his definition of happiness, that he explains, “My definition of happiness is Serving others and working towards a more balanced community.” We threw in the next question about his inspiration, to that he says, “He is inspired by Ram Dass.”

After that, we then moved on to something to do with his current life i.e. his favorite seasonal holiday, and he says, “My favorite seasonal holiday is Halloween”. No doubt, Halloween is the most happening and amazing time and it’s one of our favorites as well! We then asked him if as a child he had imagined himself to be doing something else to what he’s doing now, and he answers, “When I was a kid, I had wanted to be an Artist.”
When we asked him what lessons his work life had taught him, he answers, “Every new thing I do and learn builds on my past experiences.”

To wrap it up we threw a question at him by asking him How COVID-19 impacted his business and how did they cope with it, and he enlightens us by saying, “We transitioned our in-person programming into online programming. This has opened up a lot of new opportunities for us to extend our services beyond the GTA. We are now delivering programs across Canada and into the United States.”


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