Candid Corner with Punnen Thomas

There’s an aura of positivity that surrounds some people and Punnen Thomas is one of them. We requested him to give us few minutes of his valuable time and he openhandedly accepted it.
Just after minutes of being in his presence, it was apparent that he is oozing with positive vibes. While he is extremely talented, well spoken, well traveled and has a knack of making unique solutions for businesses, Thomas is also down to earth, friendly and posses great sense of humor.  We sat down with him as he talks about moving to Canada, his inspirations and life in general.
We started off by asking a little about Thomas, to which he replied with; ‘I am a new Immigrant; it’s been 3 years in Canada. I moved here with my wife and few months old baby. I am very excited and energetic about my work’. After this warm up question we asked ‘How long have you been in the field and how would you describe your signature style’, and his answer was; ‘I have been in the creative visual field for about 10 years now. We don’t have a signature style as we don’t want to be defined by one forma. Our motto is “Ancora Imparo” which translates always learning’.
After this more professional question we then asked if he could live anywhere on this awesome planet where would he build his dream home, and he had multiple options; ‘I will have one here, One in the Muskoka, One in Myrtle Beach and One in the Mediterrenan’. Quite impressive! Our next question was, ‘What is your favorite gadget’, he replies back by saying ‘Anything that can give me raw materials to create something unique. Like a new camera excites me more than a new Porsche’.
We then asked him to tell us about the thing that gives him ideas and inspires to create such awesome solutions for clients, and he tells us, ‘anything and everything’. We found it the right time to ask about the way he educates himself and motivates his team to progress, to which he elaborated, ‘education is a way of life for me. I never arrive. I don’t motivate my team. I look for self motivated people and hire them’.
We further questioned him about the most challenging thing about his work, and he briefly replied, ‘balancing family time and building your brand’. Our next question was, ‘If not the CEO of Rhinoskins Studios, what would you have been,’ and he smilingly replied, ‘CEO of something else’.
To wrap it up we asked Thomas if he had one wish… and he says, ‘I wish I knew 15 years ago what I know now’. After this amazing session we thanked Thomas for taking time out to sit down with us. We hope that you enjoyed reading about yet another inspiring personality. Hope you’d enjoy our next sitting too, until then, CIAO!


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