Candid Corner with Amanda Russell

Inspire. Believe. Achieve – these three words sum up the personality of Amanda Russell. She’s an amazing professional and an equally good human being, the go-to person for both these characteristics!

Amanda is the founder of WE CAN Network; she started this network with a dream to provide a networking platform to business owners and she has managed to achieve her dream. Today we’re outlining how our rendezvous with her went about.

We quick fired the first one by asking about the aim behind building WE CAN Network and she replied back swiftly by saying, “WCN was created out of a need to create a platform to meet other entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals to showcase and learn about each other’s products and services to help grow our referral network.”

Our next question was, what was Speed Marketing Workshop about? And she replied, “This workshop was created to help take networking to the next level. SOLSNET, Going Gifty and WCN came together to create a hands on experience using our Social Media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter to expand our social network and create gift certificates to promote each other’s businesses and as a group strengthen our social media currency.” Checkout photos of the event here.

Our next question was a bit specific in nature; we asked her, what did you want participants to gain from Speed Marketing Workshop? And she replied, “We wanted the participants to Experience the Power of their Social Media and by working collectively as a group, we help them create their gift certificate, helped them become more comfortable using their Social Media platforms like Facebook & Twitter and they are now able to walk away with a free marketing tool to promote their business to their network and expanded network thanks to our Speed Marketing Group!”

Getting a bit more concerned, we asked her, how was the response of the event? And she replied, “We had had an incredible response to this event! People loved the concept and enjoyed the process of creating a gift certificate for their business and were able to learn how to use their Facebook and Twitter accounts more effectively to target their audience.” Our next question was quick, how was your experience with SOLSNET as a sponsor and a part of Speed Marketing Workshop? To which, she replied, “It’s always a pleasure working with AJ from SOLSNET as he is a wealth of information, very helpful and instrumental in making this event a great success!”

After a couple of other questions we then asked her, when is your upcoming event? And she said, “Our next Speed Marketing Event is coming up on March (25th to be confirmed) @ 7pm.” Our next question was about the brief of this upcoming event, and she replied, “Imagine the Power of 20-35 businesses pulling on the same rope. WE CAN Network, SOLSNET & Going Gifty invites you to attend our SPEED Marketing Event II where in less than two hours we will create our own Peer Driven Media program to share and tweet on FB and Twitter. ”

In the end to wrap our conversation up we asked her, what is your objective from upcoming event? And she smilingly replied “Every participant will have created their gift certificate, posted it on Going Gifty and added everyone in the room to their FB & Twitter to grow their Social Media network… reach 10,000 people by having everyone in the room retweet and reshare each other’s gift certificates to promote each other’s products or services.”

So there we go, here is another inspirational human being who shared their professional experiences and aims with us and we brought it to our readers as they came. Until next time, stay inspirational and take care of yourself and others around you. And yes don’t forget to visit for more information about upcoming events.


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