Candid Corner with Jeff Trudeau

Jeff and A J with the Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion 

For this month’s Candid Corner we sat down with Speedpro Imaging’s owner Jeff Trudeau.  Jeff is part of national team of franchise owners that are skilled at identifying clients’ needs and offering innovative solutions that are efficient with client’s budget and will exceed their expectations with measured results.

We started off by asking Jeff to define himself in three words, to which he replied with; ‘Honest, responsible, fair’. After this warm up question we asked him, ‘what made him choose the one thing that he is doing now’, and his answer was; ‘Change of career prompted by downsizing at former employer. Learned about franchise opportunities from Gary Prenevost, one of Canada’s premiere “Franchise Consultants”. Loved the opportunities available and FranNet’s method of helping me find a business that best suits my interests and needs. Did 3 months of due diligence looking at 4-5 different franchise opportunities before choosing Speedpro Imaging. I was drawn to this business by the range of products and services available and the direct B2B market.’
After this more professional question we then asked Jeff about how he normally spends his day, and he said; ‘making phone calls, following up on things and sometimes getting my hands dirty’. Our next question was, ‘What do you do when you are not doing what you regularly do’, he replies back by saying, ‘volunteering on behalf of Mississauga Aquatic Club, Mississauga’s competitive swimming. Performing Yoga and discovering new series on Netflix’.
We then asked him to tell us about the best part of his work, and he tells us, ‘meeting new people and learning about their businesses & goals and seeing the ‘wow’ in clients faces when we do a big reveal for them’. We found it the right time to ask him about his own definition of happiness to which he elaborated; ‘seeing my kids succeed and learn from their mistakes’.
To wrap it up we asked Jeff what lessons his work life has taught him, and he says, ‘Be persistent and follow through whatever you do, don’t be afraid to hear the word “no”, always look for ways to do things better, it’s not a mistake until you do it a second time and being uncomfortable is where growth occurs’. After this thoughtful answer we thanked Jeff for taking time out to sit down with us. We hope that you enjoyed reading about yet another personality’s personal life. Hope you’d enjoy our next sitting too, until then, CIAO!


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