How To Ace “Work From Home” During COVID 19?

In the times of adversities, new opportunities knock on the door. Well, this holds true; and this is recently proved when the entire world is hit by one of the most lethal and devastating virus named Corona. In the tough situations where everyone is affected by COVID 19 in one way or the other, almost all businesses adopted the remote working style. Employees are working from home, the hashtag #WorkFromHome is trending on Twitter in multiple regions as well. It is not easy to manage the entire team that is working remotely for any manager or employer. There are a few set of activities that need to be practiced and followed in order to keep the workflow smooth and communication process crystal clear. Following are a few ways to improve the vigilance in such a scenario:

Go Online:

In the world where everyone is going digital and every business is going online, it’s about time that you should also get familiar with “how to go manage work online effectively”. Create a centralized portal or form (it can be as simple as a Google Form) and track your employees’ attendance, time-sheets, and task sheets, etc. This way their progress will be just a click away. On a serious note, this isn’t rocket science, with years of managerial expertise it wouldn’t be a tough task to practice it, yes it can be a little technological challenge for a few but in the age of digital transformation happening all around, it is anything by avoidable. 

  • Keep In Touch:

With the availability of multiple communication software available online which offer both free and premium services, it has become very easy to communicate with your team through Skype, Zoom and Eyeson, etc. While working virtually you can connect with your team through these (or other) software, where you can easily talk, discuss and share your ideas related to projects and tasks. Keep your communication active with the team. Include other team members in the call for opinions and suggestions. Cary the communication out the way you used to do it in the board meetings back in the days when Corona Virus wasn’t there in the air. Keep yourself connected with your team for better and effective results.


  • Share Daily or Weekly Tasks:

It is integral to know what everyone in your team is doing, there shouldn’t be anyone who is not utilized completely at the end of the day. Similarly, the duplication of tasks shouldn’t be experienced on any day. This can all be taken care of by practicing a common procedure and that is sharing daily based tasks with the team head, employer or colleagues. Different organizations have a different way of working some follow daily tasks and others have a weekly reporting system. You can ask your employees and team members to share their tasks at the end of each day or week to track their performances and objectives. This is an effective way of keeping an eye on all.


  • Lighten Up A Little:

It gives a good notion, more of a personalized one, when colleagues and team heads or employers ask about health, family and other non-professional stuff. Try to be humane with your team, indulge in conversations that are not only about business but personal. Share some interesting experiences, connect with your team and make them realize that you value their opinion, mindset, and individuality. This will make your team connect with you.

By following the above-mentioned practices there are great chances that your team will not only work with full dedication in the days of “work from home” but will also feel accountable for the tasks which are assigned to them. 

Another important lesson that can be learned from the current Coronavirus scenario is that it is about time that organizations should start thinking seriously about their digital presence. The stronger the digital presence the higher will be the chances to operate smoothly. Following are a few quick-thinking pointers which will help you in coming days if you focus on them:


  • Strengthen Digital Identity:

In the modern-day, businesses are performing differently. It’s time to learn from brands like IDEA, Amazon and Uber; work on your brands’ digital identity. Make it visible to your target audience and once it is visible try to connect with them on social media. Social media is all about being social; reach your target market and connect with them with your content, replies or memes. We are living in a world where customers feel good when a brand interacts with them. Make sure you create content that readily connects with your customers. Your digital identity is your asset in the digital world. 


  • Solid Digital Strategy:

In the time of COVID 19 there’s ample time to think about how to crack a digital strategy that can be effective, result-oriented and lucrative for the brand. Discuss with your team to come up with ideas, brainstorm and implement a few ideas to test them. There are two ways to do that you can either follow one strategy for a longer timeframe or you can keep changing the strategy in a timely manner and analyze the impact. Once you have the stats with you, monitor the trend and follow the one which gave you the most effective results. Engage your team, do alpha-beta tests and adopt a digital strategy that is profitable for your business in the future.

  • Train Your Team:

 When you are working virtually, your team is your strength. Strengthen your team by providing them to the access of portals from where they can level up their information, knowledge, and expertise. Provide them with tutorials, trainings, and webinars, etc. so that they can learn and implement their learnings in their work. 

The threat of coronavirus is lethal and we are going through a phase of natural disaster, we should focus on strengthening our teams to make the most of the situation. Virtually managing the entire team and achieving targets can be very challenging if these pointers cannot be practiced. For every business, the workforce is the key asset. Keep developing and investing in your team by providing them training and opportunities to improve their skill-set. These days when everyone is going through the Corona Virus crisis strengthen your team to master the art of work from home, as the show must go on.



Written by:
Shafiq Siddiqui

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